Apna Ghar Old Age Home Isagarh


Apna Ghar Vriddha Ashram was inaugurated on the auspicious day of 15th March 2020 by the blessings of the great cow devotee Swami Shri Ganeshanand Maharaj Ji.

Introduction of Old Age Home

It has been three years since a house named Apna Ghar Vriddhashram was run in Tehsil Isagarh district Ashoknagar where 20/25 elderly people have arrangements for living, nutrition and all basic facilities, Secretary Mr. Gurudayal Sharma has been authorized by the organization to look after the old age home.

      The entire expenditure on the elderly in the old age home is being borne by the money received from the public cooperation in the institution, so far the old age home has not received any kind of grant support from the government.

      Our elders, who have been persecuted by the family, share their full love with everyone. All the old people are treated like a family by all the Board members, or employees of the organization. They have their own routine, which they never forget to follow. Due to the labor of all these, the garden of the old age home complex has a different identity, in which blooming flowers, fruits and vegetables fascinate everyone, no one who comes to visit the old age home forgets to visit the garden.

    Old age home staff are completely loyal and honest towards their work, they all show patience like a family. They also lend a helping hand, listen to the problems of the elderly, understand, and do not delay in solving them.

A Few Words About

Our Staff


Neha Sharma

Care Taker

Himanshu Soni

Helper Cook

Vimlesh Kushwah

Main Cook

Mamata Kushwah


Doulatsingh Kushwah


Reena valmik

Help them get home.

A missing woman who had completely forgotten her own identity was released by the regional police in her old age home which is now able to reveal some of her identity which is as follows:

Name – Rambai/Geeta Sharma

Husband’s Name – Prabhu/Prabhudayal Sharma

Father’s Name – Dwarika Prasad Sharma

Address – Shiv Colony Dabra District Gwalior MP

Our Beneficiaries

beneficiaries ditails

preetam rajak

dola ahirwar

sukhlal lodhi

ramcharan ojha

harnam singh gurjar

chunnilal baghele

nandlal lodhi

ramko bai sahu

hiriya bai ahirwar

pyarelal namdev

soori bai namdev

munnibai ahirwar

piro bai jatav

satiya bai ahirwar

lakshman singh yadav

sunni bai jatav

vishwajeet singh lodhi

atla bai lodhi

keshar bai joshi

parvat jatav

dashoda bai jatav

kailashnarayan tripathi

devendra singh ahluwalia

kaluram kushwah

rajo bai lodhi

sundara jatav

gaya bai jatav

dayaram lodhi

gumna harijan

pannalal prajapati

puna bai prajapati

kala bai lodhi

kasturi bai

ramgopal shrivastav

pannalal rajak

gora bai rajak

kanchan bai ojha

imratsingh kushwah

mishrilal jatav

dasida bai jatav

toran kevat

brajmohan shrivastav

seetaram yadav

lakshman singh gurjar

latura ahirwar

dhannalal prajapati

shyama ahirwar

sampat bai kevat

pransingh lodhi