Apna Ghar Parivar Old Age Home Ashoknagar


Apna Ghar Pariwar Vriddha Ashram was inaugurated on the auspicious day of 15th March 2024 by the blessings of the all department officer ashoknagar. The organization started an old age home in Trilokpuri Colony, Ward No. 01 of Ashoknagar under the Shelter Scheme for the Urban Homeless of the Government of India (SUH Scheme) because the number of elderly people in the old age home of Isagarh was continuously increasing, in view of which the managing executive of the organization The committee had passed a proposal to operate a new old age home at the district headquarters, Ashoknagar Municipality President Neeraj Manoria, Vice President Manoj Upadhyay, Assistant Director of Social Justice Department Rajendra Prajapati, Overall Social Security Extension Officer Atul Sharma, organization founder Gurudayal Sharma and other officials. Old age home was inaugurated by Kar Kamals.

Introduction of Old Age Home

On March 15, 2024, a 15-bed old age home was inaugurated in Ward No. 01, Trilokpuri Colony of District Headquarters Ashoknagar in the name of Apna Ghar Parivar, in which there is a provision of 25 beds, but according to the availability of material, currently 15 old people are living comfortably.
All the arrangements of the above old age home have been collected with public cooperation. There is no administrative or departmental support of any kind of grant in its operation.

A Few Words About

Our Staff


Pooja Jatav

Care Taker

Neeraj Sharma

Main Cook

Pushpa Silavat


Brijmohan Shrivastava


Rani Rajak

Our Beneficiaries

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ramkali bai soni

rambai sahu

shyam dulaiya ahirwar

lakshmi bai kushwah

kallu kushwah

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