Apna Parivar Old Age Home Fatehabad Chanderi


After the 25 bedded old age home in Isagarh, operation of the old age home has started in Ashok Nagar and then in the government building built over the last several years in Ward No. 21, Fatehabad of Chanderi. Under the SUH scheme (Shelter Scheme for Urban eldery) of the Government of India, the organization has started operating a 15 bedded old age home from the month of April with the help of social workers.

Introduction of Old Age Home

Operation of a 15 bedded old age home named Apna Parivar Old Age Home has started in Ward No. 21 Fatehabad of Tehsil Chanderi, in which there are arrangements for accommodation, maintenance and all the basic facilities for the elderly people.

A Few Words About

Our Staff


Neetu Bairagi

Care Taker

Abhishek Shrivastava

Main Cook

Sunita Bairagi


Ravi Raikwar


Sukumari Raikwar

Our Beneficiaries

beneficiaries ditails

Chironji bai sahu

siyaram das bairagi

kanchhedi lal mogiya

lakshmi bai mogiya

datar singh yadav

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