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“Our aim is for elders, children, women, men, and youth not to beg but to become self-reliant.”

Our Vision

“Our vision is of a society where children, elders, women, men, animals, and the environment thrive in cleanliness, health, strength, happiness, and social harmony, fostering encouragement and ensuring equal opportunities for all.”

Our Current Mission

Our present objective is to run an old age home to provide shelter to the destitute, disabled, distressed and abandoned elderly people in Ashoknagar district, block Chanderi and block Mungawali.

Our Goal

Our goal is to fulfill the needs of everyone without any discrimination and to make various schemes of the government reach the eligible persons. We provide services that make children, elderly, women, men, animals and the environment clean, healthy, strong and happy.

Struggle of Organization founder

Mr. Gurudayal Sharma

“I am elated as my organization marks its sixth year of dedicated social welfare efforts from 2017 to the present year, 2023. Our organization has made significant strides in various realms of social welfare, a source of immense pride for me. I have full confidence that your unwavering commitment and hard work will propel the organization to even greater heights. In the future, I envision our organization becoming a towering banyan tree, providing nourishment to countless lives.
I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all my colleagues who selflessly contributed their time, resources, and even extended loans when our organization needed them most. In our early days, resources were scarce, but with your unwavering support, we now possess all the essential components of a thriving organization, including recognition from NITI Aayog, 12A and 80G status, CSR partnerships, a well-structured website, and collaborations with significant partner organizations.”
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Our History

Adiwasi Shakti Samiti
Adiwasi Shakti Evan Samaj Seva Samiti
Upring Foundation

Our First Achievement

It has been three years since a house named Apna Ghar Vriddhashram was run in Tehsil Isagarh district Ashoknagar where 20/25 elderly people have arrangements for living, nutrition and all basic facilities, Secretary Mr. Gurudayal Sharma has been authorized by the organization to look after the old age home.


Respect Your Elders and the World will Respect you...

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Various sports equipments are available for the elderly living in old age homes which provide entertainment to the elderly.

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Officials from various departments come to visit the old age home from time to time, due to which the SDM Shubhrata Tripathi of Isagarh keeps visiting.

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Programs are organized on the birthdays of old people living in old age homes.

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The social workers of the area have great affection for the elderly people living in old age homes, due to which they keep coming to meet the old people.

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The elderly people perform bhajan-kirtan and puja with music every morning and evening.

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Appointment of doctor (on call doctor) for first aid and health check-up

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The old people living in old age homes recite Bhagwat Katha, Bhajan-Kirtan etc. on TV.

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Officials from various departments come to visit the old age home from time to time, due to which the police station in-charge of Isagarh keeps visiting.

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The elderly people living in old age homes volunteer in the garden and grow various types of fruits, flowers and vegetables.

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Along with physical exercise, elderly people also practice mental yoga every morning.

Isagarh SDM Vijaysingh Yadav ji giving gifts to the elderly on his birthday.
Our aim is that no elderly person should remain hungry in our district Ashoknagar.
Mr. Gurudayal Sharma Director

Our Services


All destitute elderly people are provided free accommodation in the old age home.


The old age home building is maintained by CCTV cameras and 24-hour watchman.


24-hour medical assistance is provided to the elderly living in old age homes.

24/7 Special

A fixed routine has been made for the elderly from the time they wake up in the morning till they rest at night, which includes fulfillment of all the basic needs.

Our Supporter

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  1. Health Department 
  2. News Department 
  3. Police Department 
  4. Nagar Palika Officer
  5. Tehseel Officer
  6. Block Officer
  7. Janpad Officer
  8. District Officer
  9. Woman and Child Department 
  10. Social Justice Department 
Your Support
The health department always provides support in the health care of the elderly people of the old age home.

Thanks for the vridhcare

With the help of vridhcare, there has been a special improvement in the arrangements of old age home, for which the organization expresses its heartfelt thanks.

Officers of all the departments of the area play an important role in solving the problems of the elderly.
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Happy Seniors
Years of Experience

Our Systems

Various types of programs are organized continuously by our organization, whose photographs are as follows –