Terms & Condition

Term & Cndition for organization members -

i.  Patron Member - The person who will protect the institution in every way and donate Rs 1000 or more in lump sum or pay in 12 installments within a year shall be the patron member of the institution.
 ii.  Life member: - The person who will be a member of the organization for life and donate Rs 500 or more to the organization will be a life member of the organization.
 iii.  Ordinary member:- The person who donates Rs 100 or more to the organization shall be an ordinary member of the organization.
 iv.  Honorary Members: - The Managing Committee of the organization can make any person a respectable member, such members can participate in the annual general conference but they will not be entitled to vote.
 7) Receipt of Membership:- Every person desirous of becoming a member of the Society shall make an application in writing which shall be submitted to the Managing Executive Committee which shall have the right to accept or reject the application.
 8) Qualification of the members :- To become a member of the organization, it is necessary for any person to have the following qualifications -
 i.  be over 18 years old
 ii.  be a citizen of India
 iii.  Pledge to abide by the rules of the organization
 iv.  does not drink alcohol and is good-natured

 9) Termination of membership The following reasons for the termination of membership of the members of the organization will be –
 I. On death
 II.  going insane or bankrupt
 III.  for non-contribution to the organization
 IV.  on resignation and acceptance
 V. Character defect found
 VI.  In the event of acting contrary to the objectives of the organization or being fired according to the decision of the Managing Executive Committee, the member will have to inform in writing about the passing of its decision.