About Us

In short

       Upring Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered under sub-section 2 of Section 13 of the Madhya Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 1973 (No. 44 of 1973), whose registration number is 21995. The scope of work of the organization is all over India.

       The important information of the organization is as follows:

Neeti Aayog ID – MP/ 2020/0249408,

12A No.  – AABAU6865DE20206,

80G No. – AABAU6865DF20206,

CSR No.– CSR00020019,

PAN No. – AABAU6865D,

Website– www.upringfoundation.org

Mail ID – upringfoundation@gmail.com

Contact Person : – Gurudayal Sharma, Post :- Secretary

Mobile NO. :- 9926455152

In details

         This is the fifth year that the organization has worked in the field of society, there are a total of seven office bearers and members in the management of the organization who take out their precious time and are ready to work together to do all possible service. since last five years, the organization has working in the field of (currently operating) old age homes for destitute elderly people, education, daughters, women, the disabled, environment, sanitation, culture, de-addiction, yoga etc.

       This year, the organization has organized camps to advise the needy to maintain a distance between people's cooperation, food, masks, sanitizers to protect against the epidemic, especially in the corona epidemic, as well as in tree plantation in association with the Madhya Pradesh Jan Abhiyan Parishad.Apart from this, health camps are organized, three months free of cost text education and computer education to poor, willing needy children in the field of education, one month sewing training camp for unemployed women, programmes for display of art like mehndi, rangoli, painting, sculpture etc. for interested children, traffic safety, awareness camps, de-addiction camps, women, the disabled, the elderly, sanitation, Worked in areas etc.

Health Camp

Health Camp

       On the occasion of Old Age Day, a free health camp was organized by the organization in association with Community Health Centre Isagarh in which children, women and elderly people around the area underwent free health check-ups through which 80-90 beneficiaries benefited Addressing the camp, Dr. Kuldeep Raghuvanshi BMO said that we should not be negligent in taking care of our body at all because the slightest negligence can be fatal.

       A health camp was organized by the Department of AYUSH under the aegis of the institution in which 140-150 beneficiaries took advantage of Dr. Deepak Upadhyay said that we should use more and more Ayurvedic medicines which never harm the body as well as the rules of eating and drinking and the beneficiaries present were administered an oath by Dr. Gohar Sidki that they should run some of the time in their life, especially their own body. Also take out for care so that we can all lead a healthy life.

Yoga Training Programme

Yoga Training Programme

       The institute organized yoga training camps several times a year under the Do Yoga, Stay Healthy programme in which special work was done on the benefits of doing yoga and why it is necessary to adopt it. Our expert while addressing the programme said that yoga should be an important part of our daily routine. Now, let's adopt yoga in daily life.

       The children were trained in yoga by visiting various schools by the organization  According to children, women, elderly or disabled, the program explained the easy asanas of yoga which everyone can do anywhere, anytime and save themselves from various diseases.

Cultural Programmes

Cultural Programmes

       The culture of our country is a great culture which is made by listening to it, the organization organized many cultural programmes according to the occasion of the day and jubilees in which the arts of dance, music, rangoli, mahandi, etc. were shown in an entertaining manner as well as training in the arts. Explaining to the beneficiaries in the address of the event, the Chairman of the Committee said that our country has been the identity of many cultural arts and the culture of our country is different and unique than that of other countries, there is a different interest, there is joy, there is enthusiasm, so we should keep our family, village and country aware of our culture. It was sworn that we should not superstition, we should adopt a scientific approach.

Swachhta Programme

Swachhta Programme

       Swachhata Hi, Swasthya Hai Under the programme, cleanliness campaign was carried out by the organization in the surrounding areas in which many social workers took part in the campaign and gave a big shape to the campaign and went to the village to make them aware about cleanliness.Special emphasis has been given to cleanliness in our country for many years, due to which our country's society has been very cleanly improved and the institution further aims that the cleanliness drive will be taken further in the coming year.

Women Empowerment Programme

Women Empowerment Programme

       40-50 women have become self-reliant by learning sewing, embroidery, weaving, beauty parlours, etc. by the organization.Our expert Smt Urmila Sharma, while addressing the women at the event, said that if we want, we can make the house like heaven. The result of the good and bad of the house is of our actions. Smt. Deepti Tomar described the women themselves as the form of Durga. Bharti Uike, in-charge of women child development, said that a woman is never weak and powerless, she has the power to destroy the enemies. Madhu Ojha said that when a woman can do such a great thing as the birth of a child, then there is no big work for her.

Tree plantation programme

Tree plantation programme

       Trees provide us with life-giving oxygen so we should plant more and more trees 500 saplings have been planted by the members of the organization on old age home complex, Shantidham, Gaushala Rest House and temples | Shri Anita Jatav, District Coordinating Officer, Madhya Pradesh Jan Abhiyan Parishad said that we have become the father of many harmful gases due to our happiness, which has led to depletion of the ozone layer, global warming and many other hazards. We are engaged in indiscriminately harvesting the environment and building fields, fields and houses, due to which today we are not able to get even pure air, 70-80 people participated in the programme.

corona period

Masks and Sanitizer Distribution Programme

       Several efforts were made by the organization to save the world-wide epidemic corona, masks and sanitizers were distributed in public places and the advantages and disadvantages of wearing and not wearing masks were explained, social distancing was also advised | During the corona infection period, the government has taken all possible steps to secure the common man, which was supported by the organization.The members of the organization took to the field and gave a message to the society that there is a need to keep this sequence going forward, masks were distributed among the people at bus stands, chunginakas, hospitals and other public places in the city. At the same time, people were advised to keep a distance between masks, sanitizers and each other.  We have to keep on protecting ourselves in this pandemic and keep using masks, sanitizers.Shri Hariom Srivastava, while giving importance to the distance of two yards, said that it is very important for us to maintain distance from each other to avoid corona disease.

De-addiction Programme

Under the De-addiction Programme

       Quit Drugs, Family Jodo Programme, the organization organized de-addiction programmes in the areas around Chanderi, Ashoknagar, Piprai and Mungaoli in which about 280 beneficiaries participated in the programme in which the harms caused by drugs were explained by the members of the organization and measures to stay away from drugs were also explained.Addressing the event, our experts Hariom Srivastava and Jagdish Adivasi said that intoxication has given rise to many social evils and the entire society has suffered.

sarvoday art training center

Mehndi, Rangoli Programme

       Rangoli and Painting Competition was organized by the Sansthan in Isagarh on the occasion of The Disabled Day in which children from different schools attended.The Vice-President of the Institute, Shri Pramod Singh Bhadauria, while appreciating the art of the children, made the children who got the first, second, third place men by giving them mencars and an eight-day henna and rangoli training camp was organized at village Halanpur in Tehsil Chanderi in which 20-30 interested beneficiaries were trained.  Those who have secured the second and the third positions have been mansalized by giving the tax lotus of the president of the institution, Sir Neetu Sahu.

Free Guru GyanVardhan Shikshan Shikshan Sansthan

Free Training Center

       Through the Guru GyanVardhan Shikshan Shikshan Sansthan, which has been running since last year, this year also for three months (April, May and June) free education was provided to the poor and children who could not find the means to study online, in which 70-80 children took advantage of whom the examination was taken in a week and the weaker children were trained separately so that they would normalize their knowledge. CanSome teachers have given their free support to provide free education which is very commendable and the office bearers of the institute worked very hard for this work.

Free Om Computer Training Center

Free Om Computer Training Center

       Last year due to sudden lockdown, the cable was able to run free of cost for fifteen days, but this year, a free computer centre was run in the month of July in ward no. 3 Isagarh behind the tehsil in which 35-40 children were provided free computer education in which many social worker computer teachers served free of cost in which Rajni Kewat played an important role.


       It has been a full two years since an old age home in the name of Apna GharVriddhashram in Tehsil Isagarh district Ashoknagar was operationalised in which 20/25 old people have been provided with accommodation - nutrition and all basic amenities |. The entire expenditure on the elderly in the old age home is being borne by the money received from the public support of the institution.

old age home staff

       The staff of our old age home are fully loyal and honest to their work, due to the lack of support from the government, whenever there is a delay in paying the salary, they show all the patience like a family. Apart from their work, whenever they share their hands in each other's works, listen to the problems of the old people, understand and do not delay in resolving them.